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Lupini and almond based 'feta'-style spread

Take me to the recipe!

Ahhhhh Lupini! You gorgeous beast! This is my second ode to you, I mean recipe, involving you; in a very young blog. It's quite disproportionate really.

But you are amazing as I have covered in my last blog post and I shall try and reflect how useful you are through recipes!

The thing about lupini is that it is a pretty mild-tasting legume (after proper preparation) that lends itself quite well to various flavour pairings.

I am being cautious when I describe this creation as being reminiscent of feta cheese, after all, it has been a beat since I have had the real deal... Mind you, I have had my fair share of 'similar to cheese' products that were not deceptively similar, to say the least...

So this might not fool you, but it is damn good! and it is good for you as I have covered in another post, and I reckon this may be the healthiest vegan feta recipe I have come across. It certainly has the highest fibre content (prebiotics anyone?)

Without further ado - recipe!


You will need a vitamix preferably, or just a really good food processor for this one. Even a mediocre food processor will do, just add a bit less water and expect a slightly grainier texture.

Oven (optional): The spread is great as it is, however it is even better once it has been in the oven; both in its texture and flavour. The low heat sets it and helps mellow the flavours a bit and normalize the garlic in it. If you opt for the spread and do not plan to bake it, you might want to hold back on the garlic a touch :)

What goes into the feta:

Lupini: Well, the star of my show really, it helps keep this feta full of protein and fibre and relatively low in fat, as well as providing a subtle milky flavour.

Almonds: Are a winner in any feta recipe. They provide creaminess and lactones, which are compounds found in milk and thereby achieving notes similar to those found in milk. If you are nut free - I will soon publish a similar recipe using sunflower seeds, which is every bit as good, nut free and also cheaper!

Acids: I am using a mix of lemon juice, for sharpness, a touch of apple cider vinegar, for that slight funk, and green olive brine - for an extra briny flavour that is characteristic of this cheese. If you are wary that your olives are not the correct flavour for this cheese, just skip it and add a bit more water and a pinch more salt. On the flip side - if you love the taste of your olives and miss that 'feta' kick - go cray and add another 5g of it (or more.... at your own peril)

Garlic: adds a bit of punch, sharpness and pungency to the cheese.

Salt: Feta is a brined cheese, it is high on salt. My recipe is also high on salt as I love salt! if you are watching your salt intake, or alternatively are just quite sensitive to salt, feel free to experiment with a bit less salt, maybe reducing it by a quarter the first time you make this recipe.




110g salt brined Lupini

110g almond flour (ground blanched almonds)

80g water

50g lemon juice

5g Apple cider binegar

10g green olive brine (not bitter olives)

1 tsp salt (and then to taste - depending on the saltiness level of Lupini)

5g garlic


1) In a high-powered blender, blend all the above until you reach a very smooth mass (or as soon as your equipment will let you).

2) Refrigerate for a smooth spread

Or bake:

3) Bake in a smalll tin lined with baking paper at 100 degrees celsius for 30 minutes. Cool down and unmold.

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